Our Expertise

If people get a poor initial impression of the item you're selling, there's a good chance they won't even get to the point of reading your carefully-crafted description telling them why it's so great. We're here to help make sure our customers don't fall foul of this common problem, we can't guarantee your sales as the end result relies on many other factors, but we can ensure the quality of your photographs and other important factors don't hold you back.

How much does the quality of photographs really matter? Lots, in fact, it's crucial. Get it wrong and potential buyers will very quickly move on,  but why? This is perhaps easier to understand if you're selling fashion items, but seriously, what if it's a dustpan and brush, or a pack of Jay cloths?

The reality is, great looking photographs do a lot more than show the customers what the items look like,  they also represent, to an extent, the 'face' of your business, in other words, how professional you are. Without any doubt, consumer confidence is greatly elevated when customers see product listings that are presented in a highly professional fashion. It improves their confidence in the quality of the product, your ability to supply it in a reliable and timely fashion and, last but certainly not least, the chances of you providing excellent customer service should they need it.


At Kent Ecommerce we're delighted to offer a range of services that will suit all requirements and budgets. If money is tight and you can handle a camera, hire our studio for just £60 for a half day or £100 for a day (prices subject to VAT) we can supply everything you need except for memory cards (you are welcome to bring your own camera, but please note it will need to be capable of syncing with our studio lights).

Our small but well-equipped studio has lights, backdrops and associated equipment plus a Nikkon SLR camera if required. We also have kitchen and toilet facilities that will be at your disposal during your time with us.

If you don’t have the time / inclination / skills to execute the photography yourself, for an additional £100.00 plus VAT per day, we can provide a member of staff who will listen carefully to your needs and help to get the job done. They will be happy to set up and take the photographs for you, according to your needs. There is no limit to the number of images you can take, aside from the time you have in which to take them, and the capacity of the memory cards (and back-up storage) you bring with you.

Even high-tech studio photography often fails to provide the (usually pure white) background required for ecommerce listings. To solve this issue, we will also be happy to provide a personally-tailored quotation for Photoshop services.

Please note that we can also arrange for professional models to be in attendance if required, at a reasonable cost, please ask us for details.